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  •   Starting violin lessons at age 70 was a daunting task, but Laura Mros has made it an exciting addition to my daily life. She is great with a grandma, like me, and having seen children leave her studio in a happy frame of mind, I am sure she is great with them too. She is encouraging and positive with me. I love taking lessons with her.  
    – Giovanna (Gigi) A.
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  •   “ I want to play violin ! ” One day my daughter told me that with a chuckle.
    There might be a reason in my elementary schooler’s mind, but it was untold and I also did not ask her about it. Just trying out was always good that was what I thought and that was the way we started. Simple.

    This is her 3rd year with Laura since then.
    Playing violin has given my child a tremendous fun in the lesson, home, and Bay Area Youth Symphony Orchestra. Looking back, Laura has been a right choice for my daughter to continue her music endeavor.

    Laura offers a flexible scheduling for weekly step-by-step lessons which makes mastering every step easier for the student and she also helps preparing for music auditions for the student who wants to pursue further. I have been delighted that Laura always creates a friendly atmosphere for learning how to play music.

    To date, while I still do not know why my child picked up the violin to play, I have not seen my daughter going to the lesson without having the happy chuckle ever since the day she asked.

    Great experience.
    5 Stars.  
    – Mika U
    This post is from my dad. Verified CLML Student Review
  •   Laura is an amazing teacher and has helped me come along way in only 4 months. She cares for each of her students and is great at giving constructive criticism, never once has she not been able to help me and I wouldn't love the violin as much as I have been if it wasn't for her.  
    – Xandria C
    Verified CLML Student Review
  •   My daughter has been taking violin classes with Ms. Laura Mros for the last month. Overall it has been a good experience and the teacher is very patient with my 6 year old.  
    – Palaniappan Ramanathan
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  •   Laura M. is super patient with are beginner violinist. We have enjoyed our lessons over the past year and my child has made vast improvements. I would certainly recommend Laura for your music enthusiast.  
    – Rosie Maira Patterson
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  •   My daughter has been taking violin lessons from Laura Mros for past 3 years. She is amazing! Very friendly and patient with kids! My daughter enjoys taking lessons with her!  
    – Azmina Prasla
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