Pricing Information

Studio Pricing

Detailed pricing information on all instrument lessons, group classes, and events.

CLML Studio Program Pricing
Studio Program Session Cost Session Length Sessions Per Month Concert Event
1-on-1 Lessons Billed at $30 Per Half Hour. One-Time $15 Family Registration Fee Usually 30 Minutes Once a Week. 4 - 5 = $120 - $150 Per Month. No
Multi-Month Band Class $250 Per Student Each Month. Discounted to $150 if taking lessons at CLML 1 1/2 Hours Once a Week for 3 Months 4 - 5 Yes
Summer Camp $350 For the Week. $150 More Per Extra Sibling 4 1/2 Hours Per Day for 5 Days One-Week Event Yes
Recitals $15 Entry Fee Per Student Per Recital One-Time Event N/A
Pre-Registration Deposit Required to Ensure Spot
Studio Program Main Deposit Required Additional Deposit for Extra Siblings
Private Lessons No Deposit Required N/A
Multi-Month Group Class No Deposit Required N/A
Summer Camp $100 $50 Per Sibling

Additional Notes:

  1. Prices do not include the cost or rental cost of the students instrument. Instruments vary wildly in terms of cost and quality. Please contact us for help on starting prices for instruments. You can also Google ' (Your Instrument choice) Pricing' and that should give various sources for understanding the costs that might occur for your instrument.
  2. Book costs are not included in the above sessions cost. If a teacher requires a student to have a book, the book(s) all together run about $9.95 - $25. Depending on the level of the student, some may not require a book. In those cases the teacher may mostly be printing out music for the student to play. We do not charge students or parents for copies of music we are making for them.
  3. For private lessons, the default session length is 30 minutes. Additional or longer sessions are available. Pricing per session on private lessons is $30 per half hour. Hour sessions are charged by the same pricing, so $60 for a full hour or $90 for an hour and a half.
  4. Spots for students in any of our group band classes or camps are done on a first come first serve basis. We are currently only running a limited amount of group student bands with plans to increase the amount in the near future.