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CLML Holds Recital Events Twice a Year for Students to Experience Performing in Front of an Audience.

Recitals are one of the tried and true ways for students to experience professional performance. These events are held once near the beginning of summer and the second near the end of November/beginning of December. Students are allowed to play up to 2 songs during the recital. Snacks and refreshments are provided by CLML in addition to program guides listing all students and the pieces they are preforming.

Recitals are usually held in a large auditorium with a grand piano and other equipment necessary for students playing an instrument other than piano. In most cases we have a photographer on hand to take pictures of the event and performers. Parents, friends and family members will be able to purchase prints or digital copies of their performer from the photographer. Also, parents are more than welcome to photograph their child.

Students of all ages and levels are encouraged to preform in the recitals. However, preforming in them is not a requirement for any student taking lessons at our studio and is entirely optional.

Clear Lake Music Lessons inc. charges an entry of $15 per student to help pay for the event location and amenities.

Students taking lessons from a teacher not affiliated with CLML are allowed to enter and preform in any of our recitals. Contact us if you or your child would like to preform in our next recital, but is not currently taking lessons at our studio.

A few group photos from some of our recent recitals:

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Student Band Concerts

CLML Student Bands preform live concerts for both our summer camps and group band classes

Although recitals are good to help a student get a taste of performing, the more modern approach is for students to experience playing with the band in a venue to get a true professional experience.

For both our group class and summer camp, we make this reality happen. Students are instructed and helped by several professional performing teachers to learn about 2 sets of songs (10-12 Full songs).

Although we only schedule one 'Band Day' concert for students in our group band classes, we do try and find other smaller events for students in the class to play during the weeks leading up to the main performance. This gives some of the students a chance to test out songs that have already been learned well enough.

Previous venues our group bands have performed:

Cabo in Clear Lake

Huge and Jeff's in League City

McWhirter Elementary

Dempsey's in Webster

Ross Elementary

We help beginners of all ages

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