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Private Lesson Program Information

All private lessons are held at Clear Lake Music Lessons inc.
17300 Saturn Lane Suite 101, Houston, TX 77058

Private 1-on-1 Instrument Instruction for Adults & Students of all Ages and levels:

  • 3:00pm-9pm Monday-Friday.
  • 9:00am-6pm Saturday.
  • Exact lesson time will depend on teacher availability.
  • Most popular instruments are taught all throughout the week by multiple teachers.

Private 1-on-1 Instrument Instruction for Homeschool Students and Adults:

  • 10:00am-3pm. Currently available by appointment. Not all teachers are available at these times.
  • This is primarily a program for homeschool students. However, adults & other students who prefer earlier lesson times can also take advantage of the teachers' availability.

Teachers in this program are also available for parent consultations. We encourage parents to share anything with the teacher they may feel is applicable to the teaching of their child. We strive to create the best lessons and learning environment for students and their families.

The cost for all private lessons regardless of instrument or teacher at our studio:

$30.00 Per Half Hour, $60.00 for a full hour.
The usual schedule for most students is one 30 minute lesson once a week. Longer or additional weekly lessons can be arranged with your teacher.

$15.00 Registration fee - Only paid once per family.

This is only required once per family; there are no additional fees for other family members that wish to take lessons. Refundable on request if you do not wish to continue lessons after the first two weeks.

Students are required to have an instrument prior to starting lessons.

Students may cancel their weekly lessons at anytime by calling the studio or calling their teacher. As a courtesy to the teacher, we ask that you give two weeks notice.

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Group Band Class

12 Week Band Program with Performance Event

The Clear Lake Music Lessons Band Program is a Single & Multi-Instructor 12 week program that brings students together to use their talents and expertise in a Band atmosphere. Students are grouped by Age and Level of playing. They are guided through the process of playing and performing cover songs and/or original compositions.

All this happens in a fun relaxed team oriented environment, where students are encouraged to step out of the box and discover their full musical abilities. This band experience is not a "School Band" experience. Students are standing and playing and singing on multiple styles of music. Many songs are chosen by band members with the help of the instructors. We do not focus this class only on a single genre or one style of music. We do this to help broaden students abilities and experience with other styles of music.

At the end of each 12 week period we have a "Band Day" concert. Students perform the songs they have mastered during the session in a concert setting and have the opportunity to invite their friends and family to attend.

  • This program is geared towards students age 10 - 16 years old. However, other ages will be considered upon request
  • Students are required to have about 1 years’ worth of previous instruction on their instruments.
  • Space for this program is very limited at this time. We encourage students interested in this program to sign up early & pre-register to ensure they have a spot.

The cost for our Multi-month Group Band Class is $252 Per Month. Discounted to $151.20 if taking lessons at our studio.

There is no pre-registration deposit for this class. Registrations are handled on a first-come first-serve basis. Parents and students interested in this class need to come to our studio office and pre-register for the next class.

There is NO charge for students to be in the "Band Day" concert. Concerts are held at other businesses that serve food and drinks. Venues we prefer are usually restaurants that also have an attached stage. There is never a cover charge for family or public to attend these events. Food and drinks purchased at the venue are not paid for by Clear Lake Music Lessons inc.

A couple of videos from some of our recent concerts:

See more in our photo & video galleries

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Summer Band Camp

One Week Intensive Musical Band Experience

Clear Lake Music Lessons Summer Camp is an intensive one week experience Involving multiple instructors and designed to integrate each student's musical ability while playing in a band.

Songs are chosen by students and CLML camp teachers to involve students and instruments of all types. Each day will consist of four and a half to five hours of practice and learning in a group setting. At the end of our summer camp program, we encourage the students to preform a concert in front of a live audience filled with friends, family, and venue patrons for a truly rewarding experience.

  • Registration deadline is one week before the camp starts. Space is limited, so be sure to sign up before the deadline as the camp may already be full by then.
  • Tuition is $350 with a nonrefundable deposit of $100 upon enrollment to ensure your spot in camp(Additional siblings tuition are $150 with a $50 deposit, ex: Two siblings TOTAL $500 tuition TOTAL $150 deposit)
  • The remaining balance of $250 will be due before or upon arrival of the first day of the camp.
    (Remaining balance will be $350 for those with camp siblings)
  • There is no charge or 'cover charge' to students or anyone else wishing to attend the concert performance.

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CLML Holds Recital Events Twice a Year for Students to Experience Performing in Front of an Audience.

Recitals are one of the tried and true ways for students to experience professional performance. These events are held once near the beginning of summer and the second near the end of November/beginning of December. Students are allowed to play up to 2 songs during the recital. Snacks and refreshments are provided by CLML in addition to program guides listing all students and the pieces they are preforming.

Recitals are usually held in a large auditorium with a grand piano and other equipment necessary for students playing an instrument other than piano. In most cases we have a photographer on hand to take pictures of the event and performers. Parents, friends and family members will be able to purchase prints or digital copies of their performer from the photographer. Also, parents are more than welcome to photograph their child.

Students of all ages and levels are encouraged to preform in the recitals. However, preforming in them is not a requirement for any student taking lessons at our studio and is entirely optional.

Clear Lake Music Lessons inc. charges an entry of $15 per student to help pay for the event location and amenities.

Students taking lessons from a teacher not affiliated with CLML are allowed to enter and preform in any of our recitals. Contact us if you or your child would like to preform in our next recital, but is not currently taking lessons at our studio.

A few group photos from some of our recent recitals:

See more in our photo & video galleries

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Student Band Concerts

CLML Student Bands preform live concerts for both our summer camps and group band classes

Although recitals are good to help a student get a taste of performing, the more modern approach is for students to experience playing with the band in a venue to get a true professional experience.

For both our group class and summer camp, we make this reality happen. Students are instructed and helped by several professional performing teachers to learn about 2 sets of songs (10-12 Full songs).

Although we only schedule one 'Band Day' concert for students in our group band classes, we do try and find other smaller events for students in the class to play during the weeks leading up to the main performance. This gives some of the students a chance to test out songs that have already been learned well enough.

Previous venues our group bands have performed:

Cabo in Clear Lake

Huge and Jeff's in League City

McWhirter Elementary

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Studio Pricing

Detailed pricing information on all instrument lessons, group classes, and events.

CLML Studio Program Pricing
Studio Program Session Cost Session Length Sessions Per Month Concert Event
1-on-1 Lessons Billed at $30 Per Half Hour. One-Time $15 Family Registration Fee Usually 30 Minutes Once a Week. 4 - 5 = $120 - $150 Per Month. No
Multi-Month Band Class $250 Per Student Each Month. Discounted to $150 if taking lessons at CLML 1 1/2 Hours Once a Week for 3 Months 4 - 5 Yes
Summer Camp $350 For the Week. $150 More Per Extra Sibling 4 1/2 Hours Per Day for 5 Days One-Week Event Yes
Recitals $15 Entry Fee Per Student Per Recital One-Time Event N/A
Pre-Registration Deposit Required to Ensure Spot
Studio Program Main Deposit Required Additional Deposit for Extra Siblings
Private Lessons No Deposit Required N/A
Multi-Month Group Class No Deposit Required N/A
Summer Camp $100 $50 Per Sibling

Additional Notes:

  1. Prices do not include the cost or rental cost of the students instrument. Instruments vary wildly in terms of cost and quality. Please contact us for help on starting prices for instruments. You can also Google ' (Your Instrument choice) Pricing' and that should give various sources for understanding the costs that might occur for your instrument.
  2. Book costs are not included in the above sessions cost. If a teacher requires a student to have a book, the book(s) all together run about $9.95 - $25. Depending on the level of the student, some may not require a book. In those cases the teacher may mostly be printing out music for the student to play. We do not charge students or parents for copies of music we are making for them.
  3. For private lessons, the default session length is 30 minutes. Additional or longer sessions are available. Pricing per session on private lessons is $30 per half hour. Hour sessions are charged by the same pricing, so $60 for a full hour or $90 for an hour and a half.
  4. Spots for students in any of our group band classes or camps are done on a first come first serve basis. We are currently only running a limited amount of group student bands with plans to increase the amount in the near future.

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